How to Prepare Your Property for an Aerial Photoshoot

The waiting is finally over and it’s time for the aerials to be captured of the property you’re selling or representing for sale. Just as I will have done a number of things on my side to prepare for your flight, you also have a few things to take care of on your side to make sure the shoot goes as smoothly as possible and captures nothing but the greatest facets of the area. 

Here’s a list to get you started.

Mow the grass
You know how good and put together you feel the day after getting a good haircut? Your lawn feels the same way. Making everything clean, trimmed, and uniform will lend a nice polished look to your land that will definitely get picked up from altitude. Even if it’s only been a few days, get out there and give the yard a nice quick touch-up to make sure that the property is photo-ready.

Clean up the toys and put away trashcans
I know, they’ve been out there for so long they’ve become a part of the landscape. But now is the time to get out there and grab that bike and the recycle bin and drag them to the garage or the side of the house. Remember, we’re not going for “homey and lived in” with the sale of your property; we’re going for “clean, polished, and omg why haven’t you pulled out your checkbook yet.” 

Find somewhere to stow the car(s)
Neighbors or neighboring roads can be great for this, but we really want to avoid having cars in the driveway during the aerials of your property if we can avoid it. One photo will look like an image designed to sell a property while the other will look like a surveillance photo taken while you happened to be home. 

Tidy up the deck
With a direct connection to the house, it’s easy to think of the deck as just another room, but this outdoor space can really make or break the quality of your aerial images. Examine table umbrellas and check for a couple years’ worth of mold and dirt. If it’s there, put the umbrella down. If it’s not, maybe give the umbrella a quick scrub anyway just to get those colors to pop all that much more. 

Open the blinds/curtains
We want the house to look inviting and open and not like it’s on a security lockdown. Open up all the blinds and curtains and let’s get as much light passing through the house as possible. At the same time, if there are blinds that, for whatever reason, need to be left down, let’s make sure they’re clean, straight, level, and in good repair. 

Change your perspective
When you’re cleaning in preparation of your aerials, understand that they’re going to be captured with a high-resolution camera from – at most – a couple hundred feet up. This means that the lens will catch everything, and while image editing can fix a lot of it, it’s so much nicer to have natural images with as little digital manipulation as possible. 

A proper aerial shoot will take a good amount of time and will examine your property from just about every angle imaginable – it’s not going to be a 30-second flyover, a few clicks of a shutter, and then landing. The time you spend cleaning and preparing can have big impacts for you – not only in the price your presentation of your property nets you, but savings when it comes to image editing and manipulation as well.