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About Zencat Visual
gather ’round Zenkittens and I shall tell you a tale….

Zencat Visual was created to bridge the gap between aerial and terrestrial photography and videography for commercial customers. By bringing high tech cameras and drones together with professional-grade audio gear and a full video production suite, Zencat Visual is positioned to be your premiere source for the visual assets you need to draw attention, market your business, and push your message to your audience.

But getting here wasn’t exactly a straight shot.

See, depending on how long you’ve been a client, you might actually know Zencat Visual by its original name…New England Drone Solutions. New England Drone Solutions was started because I wanted to bring two of my greatest passions in life – photography and aviation – together into one professional venture that would check off all the proverbial boxes.

And it did! In fact, it checked off the photography box so hard I started finding myself talking with people who, after learning about the aerial aspects of the business, would inevitably ask,

“so, what else can you do?”

That, of course, got me thinking. While I really and truly do love drones and aerial tech and what they’ve made possible, was I neglecting a market segment where I had the potential to make even more of an impact? And was the New England Drone Solutions name broad enough to show what I could really do?

The eventual answer to that question was a resounding ‘no’ and thus was born Zencat Visual. While New England Drone Solutions is still operational as the industrial and commercial aviation arm of the business and serves needs like inspection, monitoring, photogrammetry, and mapping, Zencat Visual works much more in the marketing space, helping people acquire the kind of photography and videography they need to get the attention of today’s consumers.