Real Estate Photography & Videography

Zencat Visual LLC is a SmartMLS-verified photography provider

Let’s change the expectations of the real estate photography market together…

Short of your relationship with your seller, there is nothing more important to the success of a listing in today’s real estate market than the photography used to present the home to the public. Consumers demand beautiful, high-resolution imagery of the homes they’re considering. And, given that over 90% of home searches start online, it is imperative for the seller and seller’s agent to provide photography and videography that draws attention and commands action.

Photos shot from four feet to four hundred…

Zencat Visual will not only employ some of the most cutting-edge technology available to capture imagery of your listing, but also has the knowledge of how to properly use it. Gone are the days of pulling out your phone, popping off a couple images, and dumping them to the MLS.

In fact, I’ve shot jobs for Realtors who won listings after other Realtors were fired by sellers for doing exactly that.

My ground gear features nothing but professional-quality lenses, ultra-wide angle fields of view, gimbal-stabilized video, and the latest Canon imaging technology. I also have decades of photography knowledge and experience to ensure I get every last bit of performance out of that equipment on your behalf.

And I do drone work, too. 

I’m an FAA-licensed commercial drone pilot and fully insured against both aerial and ground-based liability. Why does that matter? Because contracting with an unlicensed drone operator can land you on the receiving end of an $11,000 fine from the FAA. By working with a licensed pilot, you’re taking all that risk and liability and putting it on my shoulders. Thankfully, I’m trained and certified to keep you, your client, their property, and everything else around our flight area safe.

My primary photo drone is a powerhouse in its market and features a beautiful 20MP Hasselblad camera while also shooting video in stunning 4K resolution.

  • $149

    Ground service only

  • Interior/exterior photography
  • Upload of photos to the MLS
  • Folder of photos to you sized for social sharing
  • Book it
  • $199

    Ground service with an aerial view

  • Interior/exterior photography
  • One aerial image to highlight the property
  • Upload of photos to the MLS
  • Folder of photos to you sized for social sharing
  • Book it
  • $249

    Full service

  • Interior/exterior photography
  • A full suite of aerial images to fully represent the property
  • Upload of photos to the MLS
  • Folder of photos to you sized for social sharing
  • Book it

Why aren’t there any photo counts listed?

In my experience, interior photo counts always seem to be more about meeting the number of promised images rather than providing the best images possible. What good is a guarantee of a ton of images if 28 of them pack the punch necessary to truly sell the listing? Do you enjoy looking at photos of corners of rooms? Do you think your potential buyers do?

I make no guarantee or set any specific target as to the number of photos your shoot will yield. However, I do guarantee that I will shoot until you’re confident that I’ve represented the property the way it deserves to be represented. I curate, edit, and present only the best images captured during our time together and spare you the task and time of choosing your photos and uploading meaningless images that bore your buyers rather than sell your listing.


The pricing above assumes a residential structure of up to 2500 square feet sitting on less than 10 acres. Larger properties are priced as follows:

2501-3500 square feet: + $50
3501-5000 square feet: + $100
5001-7000 square feet: + $200
Over 7000 square feet: contact me
Over 10 acres: contact me

Residential Service Add-ons

45-60 second aerial video reel with licensed music: $199
Magic hour/twilight shoot: $249
Advanced image editing (i.e., digital sky replacement, enhanced touch-up, object removal, etc…): $49 per image ($35 per image for three images or more)
Return to same property: $50 per additional visit + applicable mileage
Rush service – two day delivery guaranteed: $29
Rush service – next day delivery guaranteed: $49
Rush service – same day delivery guaranteed: $99

Residential Terms & Conditions

Prices are on a per property basis. Payment is due before services are rendered. Zencat Visual LLC is pleased to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay. I am happy to process credit cards on site on arrival, as well as touch-to-pay transactions like Apple Pay. The first 60 minutes of travel from 06092 are included in all pricing. Additional travel time is billed at $25/hour, rounded up to the nearest half hour, based on the fastest option available in Google Maps to the subject property. While rights of reproduction are given at the time of delivery, Zencat Visual LLC maintains all ownership and copyrights and is free to use any images captured for any purpose, including, but not limited to, marketing and advertising the business. Confidential shoots that forfeit this right are available at an additional cost (contact for details). Pricing is quoted in USD and prices are subject to change at any time without notice.